Labor                                                                                    $45 per hour



Ceiling Shelf

Holds up to 250 lbs.

​45" X 45"

Wall Shelves  16" X 48"           

​Holds up to 150 lbs.

Perfect width for storage tubs



Garages Organized

Storage Tubs (​27 gal) 

​Designed to fit perfectly onto wall shelves

Hooks for individual items





Heavy Duty Tool Organizer Bar

Can hold up to 11 long handled

tools & brooms plus an additional 12 hooks for small items

With Garages Organized you will be getting the benefit of three contractors for one low price. That of a professional organizer, a carpenter and a junk hauler. The professional organizer can help you sort through everything, the carpenter builds whatever shelving is needed and the junk hauler can get rid of unwanted items for either disposal or donations/Good Will.

To start the process I will go to your home to assess what needs to be done. You and I will discuss exactly what you want accomplished and how I will design and build an organizing system that works best for your specific garage. Then I will provide you a detailed estimate that will include the prices of material (shelves, hooks, junk hauling, etc.) the cost of labor and for how long it will take to complete the job. The initial free consultation is approximately 15 minutes. On average most garages take two days to organize. It all depends on how much stuff you have and how many shelves are needed to get everything off the floor. 

To begin getting your garage organized I will first remove everything and place your things in similar piles onto the driveway. Gardening tools in one pile, kids toys in another pile, stuff to be thrown out or donated, etc. After the floor is cleared I will clean the garage. Then I begin building into the studs of the wall/ceiling however many shelves you purchased. The last thing to do is to put everything back into your garage in a very well organized fashion. Storage tubs can be labeled as well.

I always have plenty of shelves, brackets, hooks and hardware with me so if you decide that more are needed than was originally planned then I will be ready. I also bring my lunch and water so there is never a reason to have to leave. You will get a full 8 hours worth of work for your money.