Garages Organized

What Clients Say About Us

  • Design and build organizing system 
  • Wall Shelves / Ceiling Shelves 
  • Install flooring in the attic
  • Junkhaul for disposal/recycling/donate
  • Sorting/labeling and organizing  

Getting your garage clean and organized can be overwhelming. Call 512-903-1876 and let Garages Organized help you. Garages Organized can sort/pack your things, haul junk for disposal or recycle, build and install shelves and organize your garage so you don't have to.

Garages Organized can offer a variety of garage/home organizing services. All areas of the home can be organized by us. Whether it's your garage, closet, attic...we can help. Call Rich at 512-903-1876 for a free estimate. 


 My background in construction/carpentry, my gift for organizing and a desire to help people is why I started Garages Organized. After helping some friends get their garage organized I decided to turn a passion into a business. Call me at 512-903-1876 for a free estimate. 

Meet Rich Wiley 

"...It wasn't just the fact that items were well organized, but also that there were so many things in the garage and it didn't look overwhelming at all. I love to get the word out for other small businesses who are good at what they do and Garages Organized is one of them. Hire them, you won't regret it."


Jose M.


"They went above and beyond my expectations. This was no small project and after they were done I had my garage totally clean and organized. The attic was finished, various holiday stuff was stored. Multiple shelves were built, all the bikes and yard tools were hung. I'm ready for spring now."


Frank W. 


Organized Garage


​"Rich did a wonderful job organizing our garage. I liked the fact he doesn't represent some service selling pricey organizational systems. He's just a guy with an affinity for organizing, and he also has carpentry skills for building wooden organizational shelves."

"Rich came in, looked at our garage, took photos, discussed what I wanted to accomplish and how to accomplish it, and then quoted a fair price which he stuck to."

​Denise L.